TEN COMMANDMENTS of GOYAASMA The 10 Commandments of GoyaAsma

The Ten Commandments of GoyaAsma

GOYAASMA - Get off your ass and start moving around

Today there's so much confusing and conflicting information on the subject of exercise; it's enough to make skeptics out of all of us. At GoyaAsma.com, we are taking a step backwards to simplify and condense all worthwhile information into TEN SIMPLE, PRACTICAL and UNDERSTANDABLE COMMANDMENTS. Please view these commandments more as guiding principles in your everyday life.

We have now published the book It's Your Move (see note at bottom of page) which further expands on each of The Ten Commandments.


  1. Cherish physical activity as a blessing.
    Being able to move around is truly a blessing - one which we often don't appreciate until we lose our mobility.
  2. Stop procrastinating and just do something - everyday.
    Forget being perfect! Just get outside and do something - anything to get your body into motion, even one walk around the block.
  3. Play more and enjoy activities with a smile.
    Do the physical activities you enjoy the most. Active living is not a death sentence. What's the point of doing something you dislike?
  4. Do safe, sensible and sustainable activities for life.
    Too many people destroy their bodies performing activities that pound and smash their joints. Be safe, be smart, remember "No Pain, All Gain."
  5. Do a variety of activities in all four seasons.
    To prevent boredom, burnout, and overuse injuries, mix and match your activities. You'll experience more progress and stay fresh longer this way.
  6. Dedicate 3% of your life to active living.
    There's 24 hours in a day. Three percent of 24 hours is 43 minutes. That still leaves you 23 hours and 17 minutes to work, sleep, and wash the dishes.
  7. Keep a journal of your physical activities.
    People who record their physical activities in a journal are consistent, and those who do not, generally do the "yo-yo thing". Can you afford 30 seconds each day to record your physical activities - especially if those 30 seconds made all the difference in staying motivated and on target for the rest of your life? If you're willing to spend 30 minutes a day exercising, how could you not afford to spend another half minute to record that activity?
  8. Honor your heart and lungs.
    By doing two to three vigorous, high-intensity workouts per week, you will help strengthen your entire cardiorespiratory system while improving your aerobic endurance.
  9. Strengthen your muscles, and stretch daily.
    By doing a few safe stretching activities every day, and some additional strengthening exercises a few times weekly, you can maintain your musculoskeletal system over a lifetime.
  10. Spread the word of GoyaAsma.
    Every day, share a little of your enthusiasm for active living with someone. If nothing else, just tell a new person about GoyaAsma.com
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