BENEFITS OF ACTIVE LIVING The Benefits of Active Living

The Benefits of Active Living

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28 reasons to be physically active:

  1. Build self-esteem
  2. Build muscle mass
  3. Increase blood vessel elasticity
  4. Increase joint flexibility
  5. Control blood pressure
  6. Control appetite
  7. Strengthen bones
  8. Strengthen heart muscle
  9. Reduce anxiety
  10. Reduce fat stores
  11. Maintain mobility
  12. Maintain stamina
  13. Improve creativity
  14. Improve quality of sleep
  15. Promote healthy aging
  16. Promote good posture
  17. Reduce cancer risk
  18. Reduce diabetes risk
  19. Raise body metabolism
  20. Raise HDL cholesterol
  21. Decrease fatigue
  22. Decrease depression
  23. Provide a natural high
  24. Provide fun entertainment
  25. Improve immune system
  26. Improve mood and outlook
  27. Add years to your life
  28. Add life to your years
Scientific research clearly shows a direct and positive correlation between physical activity, longevity and overall long-term health. Both the Harvard Alumni Study (by Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger, Stanford University) and the Dallas Aerobics Center Study (by Dr. Steven Blair) show that the highest death rates occur for the least active populations and that the lowest death rates occur for the more physically active groups.

More Encouraging News

If you're looking for a few more reasons to become more active, consider:

1. It doesn't take a lot of physical activity to reap significant benefits - even adding 15 minutes of physical activity to your day can put you on the road to better health;

2. One doesn't need to exercise strenuously to receive benefits - even moderate activity such as gardening and easy-gaited walking produce positive effects;

3. Many of the benefits received from physical activity occur almost immediately, such as realizing more energy, calming down nerves, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels;

4. Even if you're active only a few days a week, you're still going to see a difference.

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