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With three out of every four Americans living relatively sedentary lives, and obesity hitting all time historic epidemic levels, our mission at is to motivate Americans to move more.

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Robert Sweetgall


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About the Founder...

Robert Sweetgall
Robert Sweetgall -- Author/Walker/Speaker -- has logged over 70,000 miles (walking, jogging, biking, swimming, skiing, and snowshoeing) since 1969. This includes an 11,208 mile walk through all 50 states in one year, 1984-1985. Author of 11 books on walking and wellness, Sweetgall has spoken to over 1 million people worldwide on the benefits of active living. In his former life, Robert was an overweight Brooklyn boy, chocolate-cheesecake lover, high school valedictorian and Dupont chemical engineer. Motivated largely by a family history of heart disease, Robert gave up the cheesecake, chemical engineering, and his $50,000 Dupont job to take his healthy message on the road - literally - walking seven times across America from 1982 to 1985. Today Robert serves as President of Creative Walking, Inc. ( helping thousands of corporations, schools, hospitals and communities establish Walking Wellness programs.

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